The Heart of Jutland is a true foodie haven, starting just north of Vejle with its wooded inlets to the east and frugal farmlands to the west. The terroir ensures culinary diversity with such local ingredients as berries, mushrooms, greens, game, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood. When looking for farm stores, craft breweries and Danish wine and whiskey, you will enjoy plenty of choice. And if you crave Michelin-starred restaurants, there are no less than two in our area.

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Take a bite of the Heart of Jutland. A taste of Nordic nature and proud craftsmanship.

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The new stars

Would you like to reach the stars? You can in the Heart of Jutland. Explore flavours and culinary creations worthy of their Michelin star rating – experiences that will truly inspire you. Enjoy the aroma of exquisite ingredients and the bouquet of fine wines when gourmet dining at Restaurant Lyst and MeMu.

Local viticulture is also just around the corner at Skærsøgaard, which is Denmark’s first authorised and most highly awarded vineyard located in the wine district of Dons near Kolding. Indulge your inner sommelier and savour your way through the local wines.


Denmark is a small country, yet a serious player in the culinary world. No less than 27 restaurants across the nation have been awarded a Michelin star, two of which – Restaurant Lyst and MeMu – are located in Vejle.

Local and simple ingredients with a contemporary approach to old Danish food traditions. This is the essence of New Nordic Cuisine, which has secured Denmark a spot on the culinary world map.

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Local secrets

Want to dine like a local? In the Heart of Jutland, we have many secret culinary treasures to titillate your taste buds. Try our street food or visit bakeries, distilleries and dairies. Drop by the local farm shops, meet the owners and get close to country life. Maybe close enough to pat the cows that produced milk for your ice cream or the patty for your burger. Sense the good feeling when your food is truly local.


The Vejle Gastro Guide will inspire you with fine local dining experiences for family dining as well as foodie adventure.

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